Pushin’ Those Limits!

I’ll start with my Workout Roundup since I’m pretty happy about it!

2/6 – Treadmill (1 hr. 45 min.) Ran 10 miles

2/7 – F.I.T. Bootcamp (1 hr.)

2/8 – Bike Trainer (1 hr., 52 min.) Rode 31 miles

2/9 – Nothing. 12-hour work day

2/10 – Treadmill (76 min.) Ran 7.5 miles; F.I.T. Bootcamp (1 hr.)

2/11 – Back-to-Back F.I.T. Bootcamp classes (2 hrs.)

2/12 – F.I.T. Bootcamp (1 hr.)

2/13 – Rest Day

2/14 – Stairmaster (2 hrs.) Climbed 805 flights of stairs.

2/15 – Stationary Bike (6 min.) Rode 1.82 miles; Treadmill (1 hr., 57 minutes) 10 miles total (Ran the first 6.5 in 65 minutes; Walked the last 3.5 at an incline)

2/16 – Bike Trainer (121 minutes) Rode 33.5 miles; F.I.T. Bootcamp (1 hr.)

2/17 – F.I.T. Bootcamp (1 hr.)

12-Day Total: 17 hours, 57 minutes

I had some a-w-e-s-o-m-e workouts in these last 2 weeks; and I feel really great! Some highlights:

  • I went up my Box Jumps not once, but twice!! Since I’ve been going to bootcamp, I’ve always kept it at the lowest level, 20”. Last week I finally flipped the box up to the 2nd level, and then on Monday I decided to just go for the 3rd. Not gonna lie, it was nerve-wracking! And I only did it twice, but I managed to make the 30” jump and stand tall. Yeaaaaahhh baby – I was SO pumped! (Big thanks to my friend Becky for inspiring me to try – she also nailed the 3rd level at the same time!)

box jump

  • I also upped my Kettleball weight for swings and squats. Was at 44 lbs – now I grab the 53 lber. 🙂 Feels so good movin’ on up!
  • I had T-H-R-E-E amazing runs. Finalllllllly. I missed my time rocking out on the treadmill lip singing to my favorite songs.
  • Had an awesome 2-hr trainer ride watching the 2011 NBC IRONMAN broadcast on Youtube. Watching the Kona World Championship always get me soooo motivated, and brings back all the happy memories I have of finishing Maryland! I still can’t believe I did that! Yes, there are many times you suffer during an IRONMAN, but you also never. feel. more. alive. It is the BEST.

photo copy

  • The Stairmaster. I had a stairclimbing PR! For the longest time, I was going after a goal of climbing 400 flights of stairs in 1 hr. Over the weekend – I DOUBLED that! 800 flights in under 2 hours! I did intervals, alternating between level 12 and 15 the whole time, and I found it helped if I mentally broke it down into 4 half-hour chunks. As long as I spent about 8 minutes at level 15 during each 30-minute chunk, and the rest at 12, then I would hit 200 stairs in time. There were times I was huffing, puffing, grunting, cursing … anddd it looked like I had stood outside during a torrential rainstorm, but I DID IT! I didn’t get off or pause the machine once, but just.kept.climbing.


  • I tackled another back-to-back conditioning Bootcamp class. And not only did I survive, but I finished both times feeling decently strong!

The Back-to-Back Class:

15 Chin-ups

20KB swings (I used 53 lb KB)

30 Dumbbell Push Presses

20KB swings

45 burpees

60 walking lunges (30 each leg)

20KB swings

75 XT Knee-Tucks

20 KB swings

15 Dumbbell Thrusters (each arm)

Down and back bear crawl

30 XT Pike-ups

Down and back bear crawl

45 KB Goblet squats

Down and back bear crawl

60 hand-release push-ups

Down and back bear crawl

75 wall balls

Down and back bear crawl

** I had a GU energy gel in between the classes before doing it all over again. The second time took me a little longer to finish; (and the 2nd round of 45 burpees totally sucked) I had to stay about 5 minutes past the time the class ended to finish my wall balls. But I finished! 🙂

Some other highlights:

  • My coworkers came over on Friday the 13th, and we had an absolute blast. We ate tons of pizza, drank wine, laughed, and watched this movie:Sinopsis Film The Last Five Years (Anna Kendrick, Meg Hudson, Jeremy Jordan)

It was SOOOOOOO good! It’s in theaters now, but you can also rent it on Demand, which everyone should do! it is now seriously one of my f-a-v-o-r-i-t-e movies! It’s a musical (And if you know me, you know I loveeeee musicals), and the two characters pretty much sing to each other the whole time, but it is just amazing! The acting, the actors, the music, the lyrics, the storyline. So, so good.

  • Speaking of coworkers, oneee of them (I wont name names) thought they’d try and be funny during my runs. We go to the same gym, and she happened to get on the treadmill next to me. So what does she do? She hits MY little red stop button!


Granted, I was only about 0.06 miles into my run, but stilllllll. I laughed, but I also gave her the stink eye at the same time. I think she learned quickly, because she didn’t do it again. 🙂 (And she’s not really rude, shes one of my favs and one of my only readers!)

  • I’ve been digging Jesse J’s album Sweet Talker. She has an amazing voice, and it’s made these last few runs flyyyyyyy!
  • And I almost forgot Valentine’s Day was in there!

That holiday was just splendid, like it is for most single people.

cry2Joking. It was pretty great. I ate a boatload of chocolate and watched The Last 5 Years a few more times. 🙂

  • I signed up for two races, both of which I’m stoked for.

Race #1 – The Rock ‘n’ Roll DC Marathon on March 14th. HUGEEE thanks to my sponsor, Got Chocolate Milk, for the complimentary entry. Can’t wait to meet new teammates and attempt Marathon #5!!

Race #2 – My 5th Ragnar – Ragnar Chicago June 12-13th! I got invited to be a part of a 12-member team with some Team Chocolate Milk buddies. Some very speedyyyyyy buddies. Hopefully I don’t slow the team down that much. 🙂  But nonetheless it will be a fun filled weekend living in a van, running, eating, running, eating, running and not sleeping. Besides lots of choco milk, I also expect there to be a stop for some deep-dish pizza at some point!

How was everyone’s workouts this weeks? Sign up for any races?!



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