The Tough Dodger?!

Superbowl Sunday

-Started with a 2-hr sweatfest on the bike trainer watching the Pink concert on Netflix…She is one talented person.


-Went to my Uncles annual Superbowl party @ 2

-Ate my weight in spinach artichoke dip, garbage bread and cheese and crackers before the game even began

-Continued to gain another 10 lbs. during the game with platefuls of ziti and more garbage bread

-I mayyy have had a drink.


-I think I found my next race: The Tough Dodger

We replayed that commercial like 3 times … and I still laugh.

That poor guy on the bike!

-Managed to lose every single one of my football pools. And I was in 5. FIVE!

Bridesmaid Shopping

Tuesday night I realllly wanted to at least make it to bootcamp since I didn’t do anything on Monday (stupid snow), but my sister asked me to go look at Bridesmaids dresses with her for the first time. Can’t really say no to that.

Her wedding is in October, and I am sure the time will fly! I am honored to be her Maid of Honor, and then there are 6 other girls in the bridal party. Just 4 of us went shopping this first time to help my sister get an idea of what she wants. Besides my sister, my mom, Becky (a bridesmaid), and I went. We hit up two different stores and tried on a few different dresses, but man does she have some tough decisions to make! There are so many gorgeous dresses out there, and she still hasn’t decided on her colors. But whatever she chooses, I have no doubt it will be an absolutely beautiful wedding!

Afterwards, we headed to a fancy restaurant, Tala, for some drinks and food. We ended up just splitting two small pizzas amongst the four of us: a margherita and a white broccoli.

When they came, my sister immediately went for a slice of the white broccoli, which the waitress had placed in front of Becky and me.

I looked up just in time to see the slice tumble off her knife and slowllllllyyyy summersault into my drink, a fresh Gin and Tonic filled to the brim.


I managed to get out most of the broccoli chunks, but the ricotta cheese skid mark? Yea, that baby was stuckkkk on that glass.

Anyways, we laughed for a while, as I choked down an interesting cocktail with my 6 slices of margarita pizza. It’s slightly embarrassing when you manage to consume basically an entire pizza while the three others can happily share one.

When the waitress brought the bill, everyone reached for their purse, and I quickly put my credit card on the table, assuming we were all splitting. Across the table, my mother started waving at Amanda and Becky, saying, “No, no girls. Put your credit cards away. …” I reach in to slowwwwwwlyyyyyy grab mine back, and then I hear it.

“Erika and I got this.”

At first, it was like:


But then I was all like:


*We all thought it was hilarious and joked about it, but really, I’m happy to treat my sister, especially during this special time. 🙂

My First Double Bootcamp:

Since Monday and Tuesday included ZERO workouts, I knew Wednesday had to be intense. And it just happens to be conditioning day at F.I.T. So, instead of taking one class and going to my other gym in hopes of getting a machine (I’ll vent about that in another post), I decided to push myself and take two back-to-back classes.

Oh. My. Gosh.

After a 10-minute warm-up doing things like burpees, supermans, jumping jacks, bear crawls, etc., there was 10 minutes of stretching. Then the fun began:

Three rotations of:

Heavy sled pushes, burpees, kettleball pinwheels, kettlebell thrusters, and rope slams. (1 min., 15 sec. each exercise)

After the first rotation, there was a 6-minute intermission of 100-push-ups.

And after the second rotation, there was yet another 6-minute intermission, only this time: 100 KB weighted goblet squats.

After the first hour, I was huffing and puffing and my arms felt like complete Jello. But I stayed, and did the Whole. Thing. Over. Again.

It wasn’t pretty, for I definitely lack in the whole strength department, but I tried to push myself.

During the workout:


Leaving the gym:


I was like, “I DID IT!!!” (Although I couldn’t really move that fast!) ….Yup, that’s why I love workout out so much! Hellooooo endorphins!


I haven’t really run since the Dopey Challege. I tried once, but it was pretty ugly.


But my goal is try again this weekend. If all goes well, this will be me.


Which is probably why I don’t make friends at the gym. 😉

Well it was a busy week or so, and I tried my hardest to not slack, but here’s my Workout Recap:

1/28 – F.I.T. Bootcamp (1 hr.)

1/29 – Treadmill (12 min.) 1 mile warm-up; Stationary Bike (10 min.) Rode 3.5 miles; Stairmaster (45 min.) Climbed 300 flights; F.I.T. Bootcamp (1 hr.)

1/30 – F.I.T. Bootcamp (1 hr.)

1/31 – F.I.T. Bootcamp (1 hr.) Stationary Bike (64 min.) Rode 20 miles

2/1 – Bike Trainer (2 hrs.) Rode 34 miles

2/2 – Snow Day 😦

2/3 – Nothing

2/4 – Back to back F.I.T. Bootcamp classes (2 hrs.)

2/5 – F.I.T. Bootcamp (1 hr.)

9-Day Total: 11 hours, 11 minutes.

Ughh, that total is a lot lower than I wanted it to be. But, it was a fun week!

Hope yours was just as fun!! 🙂


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